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Corporate Responsibility

As a growing company, Generic Health is future focused and working towards taking actions to ensure a long term sustainable future for not only our company but also the local and broader global community. We are committed to making a positive impact on the health and general wellbeing of all Australians by ensuring each and every person has access to quality pharmaceuticals at affordable prices.

Generic Health encourages and fosters honesty, integrity, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit and equality, and these values are integrated into our business operations and workplace. We are also pursuing initiatives to contribute to local and global efforts to protect the environment as well as maintain a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.


At Generic Health we continually aim to reduce waste, be effective and efficient in everything we do and decrease our impact on the environment.

Our streamlined operations mean that resources are conserved wherever possible.

We work closely with our offshore partners to ensure they uphold similar environmental values to us and ensure they conduct operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We also support our overseas suppliers and manufacturers to improve environmental and sustainability practices.

Generic Health is focused on the core environmental principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. All opportunities to recycle are implemented to minimise landfill impact, together with conservation of water. For example, every endeavour is made to recycle office waste, paper, ink toners and mobile phones. Employees are equipped with energy efficient computers and it is our policy that all unused office lights remain switched off.

Social and Community

It is Generic Health’s policy to provide support to selected organisations in the communities in which we operate, through appropriate donation and sponsorship programs. We have a commitment to assist worthy causes which work to reduce poverty and/or improve the quality of life or opportunities for disadvantaged groups through promotion of community based projects relating to self help, empowerment, capacity building and skills development.

Generic Health is also committed to supporting education and training of healthcare professionals and community awareness of related health issues.